And the choir sings . . .



Monster goes Walkabout

The monster that was ‘P’ has gone walkabout.
Although I’m not a dermatologist, I will confidently say that I am 90% clear.
My mind is placid once again and I can actually think without the need to itch some remote
part of my body once covered with plaque psoriasis.
The road back to clarity will not end here, that I know.
It will be a constant battle of my dysfunctional immune system.
For now, my skin is at peace with my body and I couldn’t be happier.
I just pray that the Humira hasn’t gone after my internal organs.
Time will tell.
Prayers would help.



I have to admit it’s getting better.
I used to be an angry young (old) man but that is changing.
The love of my life has seen changes in me, physically and psychologically.
Things are getting better, just like my skin . . .


humira, psoriasis

Humira has been an absolute Godsend.
I am more clear by the day.
No itching, no scratching, no scaling, no grief.
I have no words to describe the relief I feel right now.
Adalimumab, I think I love you . . .


Sweet Caroline

I almost want to post a video of this Neil Diamond nugget but I will refrain.
My skin is singing this tune right now because it hasn’t felt (or looked) this good in many years.
My elbows, knees, legs, stomach and back are clearing up in ways
I could only dream about one short month ago.
Humira has been an absolute Godsend.
The impending trip to Australia is looking better by the day.
Shorts, t-shirts and sandals for two weeks.
Damn, that sounds good.
Bring on the sunshine . . .


Joe Shortsleeve

I wore a short sleeve shirt to work today.
There was no mention of  ‘funky stuff’ on my hands or elbows.
I am very pleased.
And not itchy.
Humira is slowly saving not only my psyche but my skin as well.
Just call me ‘Joe ShortSleeve’ . . .


Happy Camper

Just a brief update:

I am almost in a state of shock.
My legs, arms, belly and back are clearing more each day.
I actually harbored this strange thought today,
“I can’t wait to wear a short-sleeve shirt!”
No one will be asking strange questions about all the funky crap on my elbows.
Yes, I am one happy and thankful camper.
Over and out.
Ready for my next shot on Wednesday.
There is a God . . .